SOTRAMEM's office is a temporary office space that changes depending on the context of its installation: an exhibition, a meeting, on the road...

The office usually displays the archive of places of memories.

Various shapes taken by the office

Collective exhibition space version (URDLA, 2018)

Left: a screen is showing a video of the reenactment of Michel's memory.

On the left side, the office displays a video of a memory action for Michel Brethes. Right: 1968 poster printed in Lyon.

Photographer: URDLA

On the road version (2017)

Tiny car transformed into a mobile office space (2018)

Texts are displayed for passerbys to read (2018)

Detail (2018)

Talking space version (2016)

Exhibition at ancien musée de peinture (2016)

Recursive detail (2016)

Module version (2015)

Modular office (2015

Module being spread out in room (2016)

Module being transported (2015