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2021/01/31: An article mentioning SOTRAMEM's work on the Revue of Paris (fr).

2020: Five years of Sotramem

2020/12/17: Invited by the Biennial of Paris to present the work of the company!

Older news

2018/06/30: ADERA's opening

The Workshops hosting SOTRAMEM's office will be open from 10 to 6p sat, june 30. Come and meet the transporters!

ADERA - Ateliers du Grand Large
15 rue Sully

2018/05/24 - 2018/06/16: URDLA - Six hundred months later

One of SOTRAMEM's works will exceptionally be presented during the exhibition organized by URDLA. SOTRAMEM sends many thanks to the family of Mr. Michel BRETHES, for allowing the display of this work.
Opening on May 24, at 6:30pm

URDLA - centre international estampe & livre
207 rue Francis-de-Pressensé

2016-10-20 - Grenoble

The office will be presented in a collective exhibition at the Ancien Musée de Peinture. During this time, as the office will not be available for Sotramem's workers, the activity of Sotramem will be temporarily put on hold.

2016-06-08 - Grenoble

Guided tour of the office, from 10:30am to 11:10am, in the context of end of studies examinations of the Transporter. Please book before showing up - contact me!