Memory transportation project


The society for transportation of memories aims at becoming the society of transporters of memories.

If you wish to become a transporter, please contact us.


We give you the opportunity to become part of a transporter's memories. This part presents the transport methodology of Mathieu, the first transporter.


icon Transported stories that led to an action

icon Stories that are going to be reenacted.

icon Stories being transported.

How does it work?

The memory transportation project is a four-stage process, with a set beginning and end.

First stage

Step 1.

You meet the Transporter and tell him a story of yours.

Step 2.

The Transporter may ask you for more details about your story: where it took place, what the weather was like... in order to recored your story in his own memory.

Second stage

Once this is done, you become part of the Transporter's memories. You are given the possibility to call the Transporter any time after the beginning of the transportation, and allowed to ask him (or her) how your story influenced his life.

You can choose the frequency and regularity of your contacts with the Transporter. The Sotramem recommends you to call the Transporter every time your story comes back to you, for maximum efficiency of the memory transportation.

Third stage

Step 3.

If life brings the Transporter to the place where your story took place, and if it is possible to do something with the story, the Transporter will perform an action relative to his memories of your story.

Step 4.

He will then give you a recording of this action: picture, sound recording, video, text...

Final stage

The memory transportation will either end by the death of the Transporter, or by him forgetting your story.

In the event of the Transporter forgetting a story, if you do still remember your story, you can tell him again, and start the process again.

More details

We can work with all kinds of stories.

The Transporter is committed to go to the place where your memory belongs to and reenact it. However, no precise date can be set: the Transporter travels around the world and carries your story in his memories until to the day when his travels takes him close enough to the place of reenactment.

Hence, SOTRAMEM kindly asks you to keep us informed of any change of your contact details as long as the transport is not over.

You are kindly asked to set your own price for the memory transportation service, as the transportation activity of SOTRAMEM is funded by other professional activities of its Transporters, as well as partnerships with institutions, companies, and the goodwill of many people.

Any communication costs initiated on your behalf during the transportation process, are of course yours to pay.

Right to be forgotten

You are free to contact SOTRAMEM at any time to use your right to be forgotten.

SOTRAMEM will remove the marker of your story from the transportation map located at the top of this page. The Transporter carrying your story will try to forget it.

SOTRAMEM can not guarantee that the Transporter will actually be able to forget your story.

icon 1 transport being forgotten